Regression Hypnotherapy

By: Randal Churchill


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Randal Churchill is considered one of the leading innovators of the use of regression therapy.

The First Edition of Regression Hypnotherapy was a breakthrough for comprehensive strategies of uncovering and emotional clearing.

In this highly readable, updated, and expanded second edition you will find a responsible guide for beginning and experienced hypnotherapists and clinicians, where theory is combined with transcripts and commentary, giving the reader an inside look at the tremendous range of possibilities available with regression. Regarding the potential for recovered memories, the author combines logic and careful neutrality to teach how to avoid false memories. Comprehensive regression strategies include regressing to an initial sensitizing event, emotional clearing, uncovering misconceptions and doing reeducation.

Using sensitivity and skill honed over four decades of clinical work, Randal Churchill integrates a wealth of effective options into 15 Steps, including hypnotic deepening, ideomotor methods, practical guidance in Gestalt strategies, and positive suggestions for further insight and integration, to lead clients to profoundly deep levels of inner healing.

This second edition replaces ISBN 0965621812 which is now out of print.


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