Counseling and Psychotherapy

Books that cover topics such as controlling stress, helping mothers to cope with stress when they are separated from their children, dealing with dissociative disorders, understanding rapid cognitive therapy, and coping with eating disorders and life-challenging diseases.

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The Practitioner's Guide to Mirroring Hands

A client-responsive therapy that facilitates natural problem-solving and mind–body healing

MiniMax Interventions

15 simple therapeutic interventions that have maximum impact

Presenting Magically (Paperback edition)

Transforming your stage presence with NLP

Hope and Resiliency (paperback edition)

Understanding The Psychotherapeutic Strategies Of Milton H. Erickson

When All Else Fails

Some new and some old tools for doing brief therapy

Capturing the Moment

Single session therapy and walk-in services

The Distracted Couple

The impact of ADHD on adult relationships

Provocative Coaching

Making things better by making them worse

Subliminal Therapy

Using the mind to heal

Ordeal Therapy

Unusual ways to change behavior