After The Adults Change

Achievable behaviour nirvana

By: Paul Dix


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PublishedMarch 2021

In After the Adults Change: Achievable behaviour nirvana, Paul Dix explains how teachers and school leaders can move beyond the behaviour management revolution and maintain a school culture rooted in relational practice.

There is a behavioural nirvana: one that is calm, purposeful and respectful. Where poor pupil behaviour is as rare as a PE teacher in trousers and where relationships drive achievement. Annoyingly and predictably, the road is hard and the ride bumpy and littered with clichés – but it is achievable. And when you get there it is a little slice of heaven.

A revolution in behaviour can be exciting, dynamic and, at times, pleasantly terrifying. But revolution is short-lived. In this follow-up to his bestselling book When the Adults Change, Everything Changes, Paul shows you that, after the behaviour of the adults has changed, there is an opportunity to go wider and deeper: to accelerate relational practice, decrease disproportionate punishment and fully introduce restorative, informed and coaching-led cultures.

Paul delves into the possibilities for improvement in pupil behaviour and teacher-pupil relationships, drawing further upon a hugely influential behaviour management approach whereby expectations and boundaries are exemplified by calm, consistent and regulated adults.

The book delivers a blueprint for school behaviour improvement that is inclusive, practical and well structured – and covers a range of key issues, including: restorative practice, emotionally consistent teaching, creating a coaching culture, and proportionate and productive consequences for bad behaviour.

It also shares indispensable advice about how to involve all staff in developing a whole-school ethos rooted in kindness, empathy and understanding, and features a section for governors on how they can play a part in the school's behaviour policy too.

Suitable for teachers and school leaders – in any setting – who are looking to upgrade their approach to school behaviour.

Available in audiobook and ebook form.

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Paul Dix

As a teacher, leader and teacher trainer, Paul Dix has been working to transform the most difficult behaviour in the most challenging urban schools, referral units and colleges for the last 25 years. In addition to working directly with schools, Paul has advised the Department for Education on the Teachers' Standards, given evidence to the Education Select Committee and done extensive work with the Ministry of Justice on behaviour and restraint in youth custody. Paul is a leading campaigner for the #BanTheBooths campaign ( and is a member of both the IntegratEd Reference Group and the Ethical Leadership Group.


  1. After his huge success with When the Adults Change, Everything Changes, which has transformed so many schools and teachers/leaders views, Paul’s follow up book goes further and examines the development of a school culture rooted in relational practice. The opening chapter, “Emotionally Consistent Teaching” sets the tone for the book and immediately establishes the importance of nurture, the right routines and how to lead it.

    Stand out chapters are “Restorative Practice, Kindness and Soft Power” and “Scripting refined.” Both these chapter provide practical support and take aspects of Paul’s first book further. Throughout the book, the real life examples are relatable and support teachers and leaders to reflect on their own experiences and settings to consider ways forward and an evaluation of what is working.

    The “nuggets” at the end of each chapter provide teachers/leaders with a really good overview of the key learning from the chapter and also support application within school.

    “Behaviour nirvana comes when learning conversations dominate, when systems and people are kind, when teachers and pupils get heard and when consistency means every adult is emotionally available.”

    Read the review on Best Trust website here.

  2. In After the Adults Change Paul Dix continues with his mantra that a consistent, calm and kind behaviour management approach is key. Supported by evidence-based theory and real-life examples, he continues to challenge practices which do not meet the individual needs of children and are detrimental to their well-being. This book provides more concrete strategies to empower teachers to implement the approaches within their own classrooms.

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