Unleashing Leadership

By: L Michael Hall


Format: Paperback

ISBN: 1890001368

Pages: 290

This volume uncovers the missing frame for unleashing the leadership and creativity based on the pioneering work of Abraham Maslow. You will learn how to create a great company in which people are at their best, their potentials are being unleashed, and where people experience work as a passion. The new framework explained here makes explicit the premises about human nature—the self-actualizing drive that enables people to rise to their best. Unleashing Leadership is cutting edge psychology for organizations who want to become effective, productive, and more humane.

Picture for author L Michael Hall

L Michael Hall

L. Michael Hall is a Cognitive Psychologist who through research into NLP and Self-Actualization Psychology is now a modeler of human excellence; he has completed 15 modeling projects from Resilience, Women in Leadership, Self-Actualization, Coaching, Self-Actualizing Leaders, Managers, and Companies, Selling, Defusing, Wealth Creation, etc. He has authored 50 NLP books and a series on Meta-Coaching. Michael co-founded the ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) and the MCF (Meta-Coaching Foundation) and is an internationally renowned trainer. For his free weekly newsletter, Neurons, go to www.neurosemantics.com to sign up.

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