The Trainer's Toolkit

Bringing brain-friendly learning to life

By: Larry Reynolds , Kimberley Hare


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PublishedAugust 2003

True brain-friendly learning is not about gimmicks. It is far more than just putting on classical music or playing games. It’s a movement rather than just a method, a movement to recover the real joy of learning and bring sizzle and substance to your training sessions.

This resource provides a blueprint for a new generation of Accelerated Learning methods and at its heart are five key principles:

  • Keep it real
  • Facilitate the flow
  • Honour uniqueness
  • Make it rich and multi-sensory
  • and State is everything

There is a clear explanation of the theory behind Brain-Friendly Learning from the inside out; the concepts and learning models you’ll need to underpin your approach, along with a journey through the most complex structure in the universe - your amazing brain.

You’ll discover a concise guide to Brain-Friendly training design along with tools that you can pick and adapt to help you create new training events or make-over existing ones.

Picture for author Larry Reynolds

Larry Reynolds

Larry is the principal consultant at 21st Century Leader and has twenty years' experience of developing leaders and trainers in a wide range of organisations. He believes in creating organisations where people love to work.

Picture for author Kimberley Hare

Kimberley Hare

Kimberley Hare has been described as 'a pioneering visionary for change and learning-. Her focus is on helping individuals, teams and organisations to create the future they want.


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