The POWER Process

An NLP approach to writing

By: Sid Jacobson , Dixie Elise Hickman


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Size: 234mm x 154mm

Pages : 256

ISBN: 9781899836079

Format: Paperback

Published: May 1997

Distilling the essence of what makes a writer successful, The POWER Process applies the NLP model to writing in all forms. If you need to write effective copy, or if you wish to embark on a creative project, this invaluable aid and reference guide will revolutionise and energise your approaches to writing.

Picture for author Sid Jacobson

Sid Jacobson

Sid Jacobson has been working in NLP since 1978, and was one of the early trainers certified by the Society of NLP. Though beginning as a psychotherapist, he has worked broadly in NLP as a researcher, trainer and consultant to professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, businesses and public and private organisations. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is an expert on the application of NLP to education and training. He founded and directs the South Central Institute of NLP in New Orleans.

Picture for author Dixie Elise Hickman

Dixie Elise Hickman

Dixie Elise Hickman has a PhD in English. She was introduced to NLP in 1980 and quickly found applications to every area of her life. In addition to writing, those applications have ranged from teaching, training and administration (as director of a university writing program) to counselling, performing arts, healing (Reiki Master) and parenting.


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