The Little Book of Values

Educating children to become thinking, responsible and caring citizens

By: Julie Rees (Formerly Duckworth)


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PublishedMarch 2009

We live in a society consumed by materialism and the desire for more. Does this mean our next generation of children will grow up being literate and numerate greedy consumers whose lives are judged by the size of their houses and the latest model BMW on the drive? Or can our society, along with the desire of educators, teach our children the values they need to take responsibility for living and learning. It’s simple: the children are our future, it’s our moral duty in schools to provide a values based curriculum.

The Little Book of Values explores twenty-two values that can be taught through schools and indeed the whole community. The book will inspire you by using examples of where values are already being used by children and adults in schools, and share practical tools to stimulate discussion and philosophical debate. It will also help people to take stock of their own values and how they wish to lead their life. Megan aged 10 said,

“Values are not simply words. They are skills we are learning for life and when I grow up I will remember to have them with me and use them to help me live a happy life.”

Picture for author Julie Rees (Formerly Duckworth)

Julie Rees (Formerly Duckworth)

Julie Rees has been teaching in the primary sector for 20 years. As Headteacher of a primary school experiencing all the challenges of a deprived rural area she introduced the Values Education approach which radically transformed the quality of life for both children and staff. Julie is currently Headteacher of Ledbury Primary School.


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