The Little Book of Big Stuff About the Brain

The true story of your amazing brain

By: Andrew Curran


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Size: 174mm x 124mm

Pages: 178

ISBN: 9781845900854

Format: Hardback

Published: March 2008

What it is, how it works, what it looks like, where it came from - it’s all here in this light-hearted and easy-to-read little book that will guarantee that you will never think about your own thinking in quite the same way ever again.

Whatever role you have in life, every action you undertake, every thought you entertain, every memory you hold, every hang up you possess, every quirk, foible, idiosyncrasy and knack, it’s all the result of chemistry and electricity working across a network of squidgy organic matter that you have helped shape throughout your life.

So, enjoy this little book about your amazing brain, but remember, as someone once said, ‘If our brains were simple enough to understand them, we would be too simple to understand them’.

Picture for author Andrew Curran

Andrew Curran

Dr Andrew Curran is a practising paediatric neurologist and neurobiologist who is also committed to using his extraordinary knowledge of the workings of the human brain to make a difference in the educational experience of all young people. He has been involved with Manchester University's Department of Education, developing research ideas looking at the use of emotional literacy in our classrooms. More recently he has conducted work exploring the processing of reward in the human brain. He believes passionately in the importance of understanding the individual, connecting with them emotionally and leading them into self directed learning. His book, the Little Book of Big Stuff about the Brain (published by Crown House Publishing) is recognised as one of the leading books about understanding brain based learning and the importance of emotional literacy in our classrooms and in our lives. His latest book, Get Off the Sofa is a general health book aimed at anyone from 5 ' 85 who wants to understand their health more. He is a talented and internationally recognised presenter both to live audiences and on television where he was a main presenter on BBC3's Make My Body Younger. He is an associate of Independent Thinking Ltd.


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