The Little Book of Awe and Wonder

A Cabinet of Curiosities

By: Matthew McFall


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PublishedApril 2013

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Prepare yourself to experience wonder, wondering and wonderful learning. A celebration of the inspiring, the informative, the weird and the wonderful, The Little Book of Awe and Wonder: A Cabinet of Curiosities is a delightful book for all ages and a treat for the head, hand and heart. You will find here a wealth of exhibits to make you say ‘wow’ and help you and yours appreciate the world anew. There are things to find, things to stimulate your curiosity, things to make and things to explore …

This portable guide to wonder and wonders can be used in many ways:

As a box of treasure: dip in and marvel at objects and artefacts that transform, puzzle, surprise and enchant.

As a blueprint: be inspired to construct your very own interactive cabinet of curiosities for learning and entertainment. Nets and templates included.

As a memory palace: it can be a playful tool to organise and sharpen your memory.

This illustrated and descriptive work includes sections devoted to:

  • Mirrors
  • Knots
  • Impossible Objects
  • Labyrinths
  • Puzzles
  • Illusions
  • Snails
  • Toys
  • Optical Illusions
  • Invisible Ink
  • Magic Squares
  • Seeds
  • Riddles
  • Origami

Originally published in hardback, ISBN 9781781350010

Picture for author Matthew McFall

Matthew McFall

Dr Matthew McFall is an education consultant and practitioner with an interest in puzzles, games, mazes, labyrinths and escape rooms.

His work focuses on the uses of wonderment for learning and engagement within both formal and non-formal educational environments. His second doctorate explores the heritage of wonder and considers how ' and why ' it remains relevant to pupils, families and communities. Matthew believes that at the heart of valuable learning is curiosity and positivity, which leads to a lifelong love of finding out more about the universe.

He has championed the venerable tradition of the Cabinet of Curiosities as a boon for schools, helping to establish dedicated wonder spaces both in mainstream schools and in specialist settings for pupils with learning difficulties. He also collaborates with museums to help create spaces that are stimulating, nurturing and surprising.

His book The Little Book of Awe and Wonder: A cabinet of curiosities is a portable cornucopia of the weird and the wonderful, celebrating the joys of discovery, exploration and sharing. Between the covers is an entire world of brilliant strangeness: riddles and illusions; jokes and wisdoms; wasp eyes and kidney crystals. Open the book at random and be transported, delighted and enlightened.

Matthew as featured in The Guardian, 2011: A Wonder Room - every school should have one.


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