The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset

Flexibility of mind, mindfulness, resilience, genuine curiosity, creating leaders, enterprise thinking

By: Joe Britto


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PublishedJune 2019

Written by Joe Britto, The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset: Flexibility of mind, mindfulness, resilience, genuine curiosity, creating leaders, enterprise thinking carefully examines the six key attributes that make up a leadership mindset, and explores in detail how you can grow them for yourself.

Foreword by Gill White.

We can find a different way of leading by developing a different way of thinking. And the first step in growing a leadership mindset is taking responsibility for making that shift happen.

In this insightful handbook, Joe Britto shines a spotlight on the qualities and behaviours that embody a leadership mindset and inspires leaders to step out of their comfort zone as they take on the challenges faced by their teams and organizations.

With the help of engaging stories, practical challenges, and an acute sense of humour, Joe guides you through six key attributes of leadership – flexibility of mind, mindfulness, resilience, genuine curiosity, creating leaders, and enterprise thinking – and explores how you can bring them to life both within and beyond the workplace.

Joe does this by breaking down what the six attributes are and how they work, and by considering and suggesting ways around the barriers we may inadvertently put up that inhibit the development of our leadership capacities. From there he delves into the behaviours of each attribute – for example, asking “What if?” and demonstrating generosity of spirit under the attribute of genuine curiosity – and presents a range of exercises you can use in order to cultivate them.

In doing so, he reveals the real gift of a leadership mindset: that as we grow our mindset and develop positive behaviours, we can lead ourselves and our teams to better outcomes and nurture the leadership capacities of others.

Suitable for both established and emerging leaders.

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Joe Britto

As founder of Innate Leaders – and as a psychological coach, management consultant, and writer – Joe Britto has worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs and leadership teams across the non-profit, public, and private sectors. His grounding in experiential learning, along with his studies in literary theory and psychological coaching, has allowed him to create a unique methodology that has successfully facilitated sustainable results.

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  1. I decided to review this book because I’m doing a Leadership and Management course and wanted to explore the works of leading authors who also examine mindset. Joe Britto's The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset is a compelling and insightful exploration of what it takes to develop a leadership mindset. Britto, a psychological coach and management consultant, explores six essential attributes that form the core of effective leadership: flexibility of mind, mindfulness, resilience, genuine curiosity, creating leaders, and enterprise thinking.

    One of the standout features of this book is its practical approach. Britto doesn’t just outline these attributes in theory; he provides real-life applications and exercises to help readers cultivate these traits within themselves. Engaging stories and humour make the content accessible and relatable, making connecting with the material and seeing its relevance in our lives easier.

    Key Attributes and Insights:

    • Flexibility of Mind

    Britto emphasises the importance of being adaptable and open-minded, which are crucial traits for navigating the complexities of leadership. He presents scenarios and exercises to help leaders break free from rigid thinking patterns and embrace change.

    • Mindfulness

    The book delves into mindfulness as a way to stay present and focused. Britto explains how mindfulness can enhance decision-making and reduce stress, which is vital for effective leadership, as burnout in this position is the main cause of absences.

    • Resilience

    Resilience is highlighted as the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Through stories and practical challenges, Britto guides us in building resilience, a key component for sustaining leadership efforts over the long term.

    • Genuine Curiosity

    Encouraging leaders to maintain a sense of curiosity, Britto shows how asking questions and seeking to understand can drive innovation and foster a positive organisational culture.

    • Creating Leaders

    This attribute focuses on the development of others. Britto underscores the value of mentoring and nurturing potential in team members, ensuring that leadership is a shared and growing resource within an organisation.

    • Enterprise Thinking

    Finally, Britto discusses the importance of thinking beyond the immediate scope of one’s role to understand the broader organisational and environmental context. This big-picture thinking is essential for strategic leadership.

    Practical Application and Style

    The book has an easy-to-follow structure and practical relevance. Each chapter includes specific challenges and exercises to help internalise and practice the attributes. This hands-on approach ensures that the concepts are theoretical and can be implemented in everyday leadership practices.


    Joe Britto’s The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset is essential for anyone looking to enhance their leadership capabilities. By combining theoretical insights with practical exercises, Britto provides a comprehensive guide to developing a robust leadership mindset. Whether you are an experienced leader or just starting your leadership journey, this book offers valuable tools and perspectives to help you grow and succeed. I found this book to be an insightful and easy guide which challenges you to self-reflect and question your approach and mindset as a leader. I have applied some of the concepts of mentoring in my organisation. This book allows you to think outside the box.  It is a great, easy read; you can pick the chapters you must work on without reading the entire book.

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