That Behaviour Book

The simple truth about teaching children

By: Stephen Baker


Published: July 2023

Size: 234 x 156mm

ISBN: 9781785836688

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160 (est)

Availability: Forthcoming

An essential book for every teacher, providing an engaging and unique mix of anecdotes, practical strategies and moral imperatives for successful and child-centred behaviour management. 

What kind of teacher are you? What values, beliefs and principles do successful teachers possess and how do they sustain these in the face of challenging pupil behaviour? 

In this timely book, Stephen Baker contends that rigid punishment systems weaponize young people’s defiance against them and that punishment doesn’t work. He believes that teachers need to take responsibility for behaviour and to teach it, that we need to love the kids (even if we don’t like them), that children are people, that we are an event in their lives, and that teaching is a relationship-based activity.

That Behaviour Book is an essential guide for both the beginner and the more experienced teacher, and its unique tone makes it an indispensable companion. Steve Baker’s anecdotes, drawn from his years as a pupil, teacher and trainer pack an emotional punch and are often hilarious.

Teachers who read this book will rapidly improve their practice by applying the ‘takeaway tasks’ to their pupils and seeing the benefits unfold. They’ll teacher better and they’ll sleep better. They’ll have a more realistic appreciation of their own situation and of the context in which they teach. In short, they’ll learn how to get the very best out of their pupils.

Suitable for all teachers.

Picture for author Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker spent 17 years in teaching, before working with local authorities and for the National Strategies as a regional adviser in Yorkshire and the Humber. He is now a behaviour consultant and trainer, passionate about helping teachers to succeed. Stephen lives with Sian in Anglesey where he spends his free time having fun with their children and grandchildren.


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