Stress Free Surgery – 2 CD Set

A self relaxation program to help you prepare for and recover from surgery

By: Linda Thomson

Audio Book

ISBN: 9781845900731

Format: Audio CD

Published: June 2007

This 2-CD set contains everything that patients need to accompany the surgery they are undertaking. Forty years of research has shown that patients who are psychologically prepared for surgery have improved outcomes. Hypnosis, when used in addition to anesthesia, can decrease anxiety and pain and hasten healing. Hypnotically prepared patients have shorter hospital stays, have less post-operative pain and nausea, use fewer pain medications, suffer less anxiety and blood loss than patients who receive routine care.

The techniques used combine imagination with building belief and expectation to create a safe, gentle and effective way to reduce stress and relieve pain. They allow the patient to tap into their own inner resources so that they are in the best frame of mind for surgery. This results in less pre-operative anxiety, less post-operative discomfort and faster healing. This set contains two CDs, one to play pre-surgery to reduce stress and anxiety and to sow the seeds of rapid recovery, and one to play post-surgery to further promote healing and recovery.

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Picture for author Linda Thomson

Linda Thomson

Linda Thomson is a pediatric nurse practitioner. Certified as an approved consultant in clinical hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis she incorporates hypnosis into her practice to help children help themselves with a variety of physical and emotional problems.


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