Strategies of Psychotherapy

By: Jay Haley


Size: 228mm x 152mm

Pages : 194

ISBN: 9781845900229

Format: Paperback

Published: May 2006

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This classic volume deals with the strategies of both psychotherapists and clients as they manoeuvre around each other in the process of treatment. How a therapist induces a client to change is described within a framework of interpersonal theory and directive family therapy. This work represents a step from the study of therapy in terms of the individual to therapy as communication between at least two people.

Picture for author Jay Haley

Jay Haley

Jay Haley studied with Dr. Erickson for 17 years. He was a major editor of Erickson's works and authored many books about him. Mr. Haley was a professor at Stanford University, Howard University, the University of Maryland, and California School of Professional Psychology.


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