States of Equilibrium

By: John Burton


Size: 234mm x 156mm

Pages: 256

ISBN: 9781899836895

Format: Hardback

Published: September 2002

This cutting-edge work represents a major step forward in both our understanding of the human personality and our ability to attain a higher level of human development.

John Burton’s unique theory of personality asserts that every person strives to achieve a state of emotional and mental equilibrium. This state of inner calm allows us to respond effectively to the challenges of everyday life - as opposed to unresolved internal conflicts which often create chaotic internal states. States of Equilibrium thoroughly explores the strictly internal relationship between these states of mind and emotion within the individual, with the aim of helping us move towards a state of mental balance.

By presenting a variety of human development theories as well as NLP concepts, such as meta-stating, Burton equips counsellors and NLP practitioners with all the tools necessary to neutralise stress and anxiety in their clients.

Picture for author John Burton

John Burton

John Burton, EdD LPC holds a Doctorate in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University as well as a Masters in Clinical Psychology. He is licensed as a Professional Counselor, Counselor Supervisor and holds certificates as a NLP Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master. He currently maintains his own counseling practice with over 30 years of professional experience. He also conducts regular workshops in the U.S. for The Sacred Sequence and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Dr. Burton co-authored one book and was sole author for two other books published by Crown House.


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