Seeing the Unseen

A past life revealed through hypnotic regression

By: Ormond McGill


Size: 234mm x 154mm

Pages: 272

ISBN: 9781899836055

Format: Paperback

Published: July 1996

A comprehensive, straightforward and easy-to-read case study of past-life regression therapy, with full explanatory clinical notes.

“This is the fascinating story of two women a century apart. One, a client, regressed into the past by Ormond and the other, her past-life alter ego, a 19th century psychic investigator. It is one of those rare books which successfully appeal on many levels, first as a textbook by a world-renowned authority, and second as an introduction for those wishing to know more about spiritualism, life after death, seances, mediums, clairvoyance, and other psychic phenomena. And last but not least as an enthralling story that deserves to be made into a film!” – Charles Barr, PhD.

Picture for author Ormond McGill

Ormond McGill

Ormond McGill was known as The Dean of American Hypnotists. He was a magician and hypnotist of international renown, and toured many parts of the world with his exciting stage shows: East Indian Miracles, The Seance of Wonders, Real Mental Magic, South Sea Island Magic and The Concert of Hypnotism, to name but a few. Ormond McGill was also a naturalist of prominence, his contributions to entomology and conchology being well known in those fields.


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