Secrets of Stage Mindreading

By: Ormond McGill


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Size: 234mm x 156mm

Pages: 208

ISBN: 9781904424017

Format: Paperback

Published: March 2003

‘The most beautiful and profound thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.’ – Albert Einstein.

Mindreading is the popular showbiz term for telepathic demonstrations or extrasensory perception. Today it’s entertainment, but the future may find it a form of everyday communication. Including authentic background information on recorded telepathy demonstrations and objective evidence of mindreading as a psychological phenomenon, Ormond McGill offers his readers the opportunity to practice and hone their own natural telepathic abilities.

Chapters include:

  • Proof of telepathy
  • Telepathic control of movements
  • Oriental telepathy techniques
  • Silent psychic influence
  • Developing body awareness
  • Designing your mindreading show
  • Intimate mindreading experiments

The companion to this volume, The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism (click here to view this title) has already become known as ‘the bible’ for stage hypnotists.

Picture for author Ormond McGill

Ormond McGill

Ormond McGill was known as The Dean of American Hypnotists. He was a magician and hypnotist of international renown, and toured many parts of the world with his exciting stage shows: East Indian Miracles, The Seance of Wonders, Real Mental Magic, South Sea Island Magic and The Concert of Hypnotism, to name but a few. Ormond McGill was also a naturalist of prominence, his contributions to entomology and conchology being well known in those fields.


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