Product reviews for Tiny Voices Talk

Phil Naylor, author of Naylor's Natter

Tiny Voices Talk: how this is needed in the current educational landscape. Education discourse played out on social media and in books is dominated by behemoth voices often detached from the realities and joys of the classroom. The lethal mutations of once prescient, powerful pedagogies and practices have been debased and reduced to tribute band status, repeated ad infinitum in talks, books and magazines. Toria Bono and her quiet army of tiny voices have begun to redress the balance in this seminal book. Each contributor speaks with authenticity about the power of the tiny voice and the joy of teaching. The book is divided into sections covering topics that are universally applicable to any teacher in any classroom. The empathy engendered by the tiny voices stirs the reader, takes them on a journey of discovery of the real voices of teachers and brings to the fore issues hitherto hidden in plain sight. There are also real and actionable tips and advice for teachers at whatever stage of their journey. This book will inspire, invigorate and identify the tiny voice in all who read it.

Lucy | 13/12/2022 10:24
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