Personality in the Classroom

Motivating and inspiring every teacher and student

By: David Hodgson


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PublishedFebruary 2012

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The best teachers really understand themselves and their students. By uncovering personality strengths teachers can transform learning in their classroom. Armed with this practical book teachers can:

  • Help every student make progress by truly personalising learning
  • Improve behaviour, motivation and confidence
  • Balance the right levels of energy, creativity, resilience and control in each lesson
  • Reduce stress and boredom by stretching all students
  • Develop their leadership skills.

David has introduced this model to hundreds of schools (primary and secondary) and colleges both across the UK and abroad to inspire students, classroom teachers and leadership teams for over twenty years. Packed with examples of good practice, strategies and engaging activities this book helps teachers and students understand and adapt their natural strengths and styles for success across the curriculum. The book is based on the widely respected personality type model popularised by Myers-Briggs and others but rarely applied in education. As one teacher says, ‘If we all knew this stuff we could change the world.’

Picture for author David Hodgson

David Hodgson

David Hodgson is a training consultant and author who works with teachers and students across the UK and abroad. He has written a number of books to help teachers and students thrive in the classroom and beyond.

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