Mentoring in Schools

How to become an expert colleague – aligned with the Early Career Framework

By: Haili Hughes


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PublishedFebruary 2021

Written by Haili Hughes, Mentoring in Schools: How to become an expert colleague is an all-encompassing guide to becoming a valued in-school mentor.

Forewords by Professor Rachel Lofthouse and Reuben Moore.

With low early career teacher retention rates and the introduction of the Department for Education's new Early Career Framework, the role of mentor has never been so important in helping to keep teachers secure and happy in the classroom.

Haili Hughes, a former senior leader with years of school mentoring experience, was involved in the consultation phase of the framework's design – and in this book she imparts her wisdom on the subject in an accessible way.

Haili offers busy teachers a practical interpretation of how to work with the Early Career Framework, sharing practical guidance to help them in the vital role of supporting new teachers. She also shares insights from recent trainee teachers, as well as more established voices in education, to provide tried-and-tested transferable tips that can be used straight away.

Each chapter is based on a standard from the framework and begins by exploring the research which underpins the guidance, before then providing a summary of findings from the focus groups which link to the standard discussed. This leads on to a section which draws all the findings together to give practical advice and guidance for activities, reading and strategies that mentors can try with their early career teacher.

Suitable for school-based mentors in primary or secondary settings, as well as those working in initial teacher training provision.

Picture for author Haili Hughes

Haili Hughes

Haili Hughes is an experienced teacher and mentor who is passionate about keeping excellent teachers in the classroom, where they make the most impact on young people. She is determined to improve teacher retention rates through the support of high-quality mentors.

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  1. An excellent guide for mentors, centred around the Early Career Framework, that offers practical guidance on how to effectively support your mentee to make progress across each standard. It provides insights into the associated research, and directs mentors to useful developmental readings. This is all underpinned by focus group feedback, supporting new mentors to learn from the experience of others. There is a great deal here that is applicable to mentors of student teachers on placement as well.

  2. An excellent resource for all school mentors that breaks down the key elements of the Early Career Framework (ECF) in clear accessible sections.  With greater emphasis on mentors to develop excellent early career teachers with a solid grounding in Evidence Based Practice, this book provides a useful reference point.  It enables mentors to begin their own journey in uncovering what they already know about good practice and framing the discussion in the research that underpins those practices.  Useful also for mentors of trainees as there are close links between the ECF and the Core Content Framework.

  3. As part of our work across our initial teacher education programmes, we have been developing our mentoring principles – and Haili’s book and research has supported this superbly. Mentoring in Schools is thoughtful, easy to engage with and well presented and written. This has helped our busy mentors enormously. 
    We would highly recommend reading this text to support the development of trainee teachers and early career teachers. 

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