Make Your Own Rainbow

A colourful approach to all things STEAM

By: Leonie Briggs


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Size297 x 210mm
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PublishedJanuary 2025

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Written by Leonie Briggs, Make Your Own Rainbow: A colourful approach to all things STEAM is an engaging book that identifies creative, fun and easy ways to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) subjects using the colours of the rainbow to inspire and enthuse young learners.

Why not spend your day creating your very own rainbow? Looking to add some STEAM to your day, but unsure of the best way to do it? Dive into this creative STEAM book to spark young people's interest in a simple, safe and cost-effective way. Leonie provides a colourful approach to teaching tricky subjects, ranging from colour and chemical reactions to photosynthesis, with many more in between.

Make Your Own Rainbow is a compilation of fun, easy, creative and effective activities for teachers of both primary and secondary school children, ideas that parents and carers can also enjoy at home. The aim of this book is to inspire young people to discover, interact with and enjoy STEAM subjects and in doing so, to help them develop a life-long love of these topics.

Make Your Own Rainbow offers a fresh perspective on teaching STEAM with a real emphasis on memorable learning. Leonie aims to make STEAM accessible to all through a range of tasks, resources and activities inspired by the colours of the rainbow. Examples include: 

  •        Rainbow Trail: Are you able to create a rainbow from nature/in the home or classroom?
  •        Bubbles: Understand the colour and structure of bubbles in this mesmerising experiment.
  •        Rainbow Indicator: Investigate if certain household objects are acid or alkali.
  •        Plant Growth: Ever wanted to know what the best colour light is for plant growth?
  •        Make Your Own Rainbow: Experiment with white light to make your own rainbow.

This book is for those who want to develop their knowledge of STEAM subjects with minimum fuss but maximum results. Making Your Own Rainbow will ignite a spark to really encourage educators, parents, carers, and young people to get involved with, enjoy and take further steps in STEAM.

Suitable for teachers, community group leaders, parents and carers with an interest in STEAM subjects.

Picture for author Leonie Briggs

Leonie Briggs

Leonie Briggs is a science teacher, STEAM lead, STEM Ambassador, CREST Assessor and Director of Amazelab. She was awarded ‘Outstanding New STEM Ambassador’ at the 2022 STEM Inspiration Awards, and was nominated for the Global Teacher Prize 2021 and National Teaching Awards 2022. Her passion and motivation to inspire a new generation is clear for all to see. Leonie takes a fun and creative approach to all things STEAM in a mission to make it accessible to all. 


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