Improving Classroom Performance

Spoon feed no more, practical applications for effective teaching and learning

By: Steve Garnett , Stephen Chapman , Alan Jervis


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PublishedMarch 2011

Dragonfly Training was founded in 1999 and has established an excellent reputation internationally for providing inspiring, realistic and practical training courses for teachers. In this, their first book, three of its top trainers provide some of the very best hands-on approaches to teaching.

Follow Dragonfly's six key principles and:

  • Promote effective starters and plenaries
  • Offer constant reinforcement as a means of embedding knowledge and providing ongoing revision
  • Introduce a variety of ideas
  • Do first, teach after – whenever possible
  • Encourage students to create teaching materials themselves
  • Demonstrate and articulate success by modelling the desired outcomes

This book provides practical strategies that can be used by most teachers, in most subjects, most of the time and offers insights and ideas to engage, inspire and motivate including:

  • How you present yourself in the classroom
  • Rules, routines and rituals for establishing effective learning patterns
  • Making your classroom the one every student wants to be in
  • Using ICT to the maximum

Click here to visit Dragonfly Training's website.

Picture for author Steve Garnett

Steve Garnett

Steve Garnett delivers inspirational, practical and highly realistic teaching- and learning-related INSET. He travels extensively around the UK, as well as globally, having delivered training to over 15,000 teachers in over 30 countries, extending to South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and south-east Asia.

Picture for author Stephen Chapman

Stephen Chapman

Stephen Chapman is the Managing Director of Dragonfly Training Ltd and has delivered CPD at hundreds of schools in the UK and internationally. Formerly an innovative history teacher, Stephen has a proven track record of success in schools in London, Nairobi and The Bahamas.

As with so much in life a book is a fantastic start but if you want to take things further then it's probably best to experience it for yourself. Improving Classroom Performance has been delivered as a training day to hundreds of schools.

Each of the three authors can deliver this training day, and you can be sure that it will conform to the Dragonfly promise of being totally practical, and delivered in a hands-on and entertaining manner.

To book this course as an in school training session please contact Stephen Chapman, MD Dragonfly Training at or visit for further references. You may even like to call him on +44 (0) 29 2071 1787.

Picture for author Alan Jervis

Alan Jervis

Alan Jervis taught in seven different high schools over a period of more than 28 years. He has delivered over 600 courses to teachers in Britain on brain based learning, delivering outstanding lessons, thinking skills, emotional intelligence and Assessment for Learning. He has also trained teachers in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.


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