Hypnotic Language Masterclass

By: Jamie Smart


Format: CD

ISBN: 1905045182

This is an extremely comprehensive hypnosis Master class on the use of hypnotic language. In this program, you will hear Jamie working with a group of training delegates, in a one day hypnotic language master class. As you listen to this 4-CD set, you will learn how to: --be a far more effective public-speaker --be a better conversationalist and storyteller --be a better communicator, and have happier relationships -be a more effective ‘change-worker’ helping your clients and yourself --be more influential, leading to more success in every area of your life --use ‘Hypnotic Depth Charges’ to get people moving in the direction you want them to go --use a covert approach to eliminate resistance that's so much fun to use that your only problem will be how to stop from laughing out loud when you're using it --use embedded commands. Learn how to create subliminal messages in an ordinary conversation, elegantly and effortlessly -use the amazing But-Flip. This astonishingly simple approach is so powerful that you'll see people do an instant U-turn on objections, and so much more!


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