Happy Kids Happy You

Using NLP to bring out the best in ourselves and the children we care for

By: Sue Beever


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Size: 154mm x 220mm

Pages : 256

ISBN: 9781845901288

Format: Paperback

Published: June 2009

Happy Kids Happy You is a unique approach, giving parents practical Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) -based methods to enable them to develop their own solutions, rather than giving prescriptive advice.

Every child, every family situation, is different and parenting is a journey of constant change. There is no ‘right answer’, only what works for you and your family.

This book gives parents methods they can own - a toolkit of methods flexible enough to cover all situations. It helps parents to:

  • get great results with their children
  • get their family life running more smoothly
  • feel more confident and positive so that they have fun and enjoy being a parent more of the time!

It focuses equally on the needs of the parent as well as the child: happy kids, happy you. It makes a profound and beneficial impact on family life which works for the parents as well as the children.

Picture for author Sue Beever

Sue Beever

Sue Beever is a trainer, coach, NLP Master Practitioner and mother. She delivers Happy Kids Happy You (HKHY) training.


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