Finding Square Holes

Discover who you really are and find the perfect career

By: Anita Houghton


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Size: 234mm x 156mm

Pages : 256

ISBN: 9781904424840

Format: Paperback

Published: May 2005

Finding Square Holes is unique in taking a predominantly self-reflective approach to career development, combining techniques from personal development theory, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Myers-Briggs model of personality.

This book works on the premise that only you are the best judge of what is good for you. It is a real confidence booster and fear killer. Get it!!

  • Highly practical and easy to read
  • Unique combination of NLP, the Myers-Briggs model and other practical tools for turning ideas into reality

Picture for author Anita Houghton

Anita Houghton

A senior public health doctor by background, Anita has been a careers and executive coach for more than ten years. She is a master practitioner of NLP, an experienced practitioner in psychological type, has a post graduate diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and writes regularly on coaching-related topics in journals and magazines. Every fortnight she sends out a free coaching tip on a range of topics, both work-related and personal, and these can be viewed and signed up for.

Anita regularly writes articles on career and personal development and often speaks at conferences and training seminars.

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