Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom

Creative Learning Strategies for 11-18 Year Olds

By: Michael Brearley


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Size: 297mm x 210mm

Pages : 120

ISBN: 9781899836659

Format: Paperback

Published: November 2000

This teaching resource aptly demonstrates how pupils can approach their work, and their future, with confidence, ambition, optimism and integrity. Providing practical strategies for integrating Emotional Intelligence across the curriculum, Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom reveals the power of emotion in learning. It explains the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) and presents original research on the impact of EI on learning

A thoroughly practical work, containing numerous reproducible resources for the classroom teacher.

Picture for author Michael Brearley

Michael Brearley

Former headmaster Michael Brearley was widely experienced in secondary education, and had a long-standing interest in engaging students more fully in their learning. His applied research at the University of East Anglia focused on teacher behaviour and how it impacted on students' learning; he also examined the role of mediation and the work of Carl Rogers. Michael's later research into emotional intelligence explored its practical application in the education and business sectors, particularly its effect upon performance as a teacher and leader.


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