Communication Excellence

Using NLP To Supercharge Your Business Skills

By: Ian R McLaren


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Size: 234mm x 154mm

Pages: 240

ISBN: 9781899836390

Format: Paperback

Published: April 1999

Are you an effective communicator?

Do you always convey the correct message, or do you sometimes feel that you are not fully understood?

This book provides a ten-lesson course that will transform you into an excellent communicator. Drawing on psychology, linguistics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it teaches you how to interact effectively with colleagues, bosses, officials, family and friends. Providing invaluable training in key NLP-based methods, Communication Excellence presents powerful exercises that will increase your ability to manage, market, sell, influence, inspire, innovate.

Picture for author Ian R McLaren

Ian R McLaren

Ian R McLaren is a registered INLPTA trainer of NLP with a background in financial and general management. As Investment Controller and Planner with the Canada Life Assurance Company, he has worked in London, New York and Toronto, gaining a wide range of senior management experience. During his varied and successful career, Ian has also worked as a finance director, consultant, author, business coach and trainer.


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