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Chris Dyson is the proud head teacher of Parklands Primary School in Seacroft in Leeds. Chris was brought up in a single-parent household and received free school clothes and free school meals himself as a child, which has meant that the connection between his early life and that of Parklands’ pupils is rooted in common experience. Chris believes that education is the key to making the future brighter, and he is fuelled by a desire to provide his pupils with the best education and opportunities possible. 

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When You’ve Passed Through All the Lies

March 10 2021

  If you’re lucky enough to live long enough, you get to an age when you realise you are going to die. When you’re younger, you think you know that, of course you do, but you don’t, not really. With this realisation, living long enough, you get to understand that the great prize is being […]

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Another not-going-anywhere day …

February 07 2021

  Another chill, dull, not-going-anywhere Sunday. Stuck and boring, nothing being achieved, nothing worth achieving. And then, by mid-afternoon, snow. Silent, drifting, changing the landscape utterly, its brightness lifting the spirits. A miracle of snow.  I didn’t make it come. It just came. I  watched it though, and it made me smile. Sometimes, the present […]

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