Change Management Excellence - Paperback Edition

Putting NLP to Work

By: Martin Roberts


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PublishedAugust 2004

Working with top British and American companies for over thirty years, Martin Roberts has developed an enviable reputation for solving problems. He attributes this success to his ability to adapt and apply NLP, Behavioural Modification, Gestalt therapy and Transactional Analysis techniques from the field of organisational psychology.

This book is about achieving excellent change management using a variety of techniques and contains many new concepts and applications for consultants, would-be consultants and everyone involved in change in a business setting. It also provides an intriguing insight into why many fashionable ‘cook-book approaches’ to change run into problems - and how to avoid repeating them.

Picture for author Martin Roberts

Martin Roberts

Martin Roberts PhD is a retired management consultant with extensive experience of Change Management in practice. He has worked at the highest level with many of the UK top one hundred companies and also has extensive experience in working with US corporations. Over the last thirty years he has developed an enviable reputation for solving problems seen by others as insoluble. He attributes this to being able to adapt and apply to business problems techniques derived from the field of psychology, including Gestalt Therapy, Behavioural Modification and Transactional Analysis.


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