Celebrating Teachers

Making a difference

By: Gary Toward , Chris Henley


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PublishedJune 2021

Celebrating Teachers: Making a difference, written by Gary Toward and Chris Henley, is a feel-good celebration of all that is great about teachers and teaching – and an exploration of the difference teachers make and how they do it.

Forewords by Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown) and Sir Anthony Seldon.

Gary Toward and Chris Henley believe that teaching is the best and most important profession. Now, you might argue that it would be medicine that should take that accolade – as medics save lives and mend people. But teachers create lives and make' people. They, in fact, create medics!

This book celebrates the superhero of the classroom: the teacher.

Teachers make a difference, and often that difference is life-changing. In this book, Gary and Chris look at some of the many cases where such a difference has been made and examine exactly what it was that made such an impact on the life of the young person – and they also highlight the key approaches that teachers might want to try out in their own classroom, with their own pupils.

The authors link the real-life case study stories to what educational research and cognitive science tell us, and point the way for all teachers to adopt, adapt and develop these effective strategies and approaches in their own practice.

And, in sharing these inspiring stories, Gary and Chris hope to offer an antidote to the negativity that too often circulates in the media around education and the teaching profession.

An uplifting and insightful read for all teachers and educators.

Picture for author Gary Toward

Gary Toward

Gary Toward is a trainer, keynote speaker and novelist who has previously taught in seven schools countrywide. He was head teacher of three schools in Leicestershire, during which time he co-led a pupil referral unit (PRU) out of special measures.

Picture for author Chris Henley

Chris Henley

Chris Henley is a trainer and keynote speaker who taught for over thirty years in three different secondary schools. Chris is an inspirational teacher who moved on from leading an outstanding languages department to become a senior leader. As assistant head in charge of teaching and learning, he played a major role in two successful Ofsted inspections.


  1. Celebrating Teachers is a collection of insightful stories relating to the impact that teachers often have on learners at all levels. It is an inspirational and at times truly uplifting read, as Gary Toward and Chris Henley share a stimulating take on teaching based on anecdotal evidence from a wide range of contributors alongside their own personal experiences. The real-life teacher–pupil interactions bring the text to life, and the authors also identify and analyse how the teachers’ skills, techniques and personal attributes manage to make ‘the difference that makes the difference’.

    Readers will gain from the free-flowing tales of the skills of the teachers featured, as their stories highlight the emotional side of interaction with the learner that is so crucial. It is an outstanding book, full to overflowing with techniques to help improve interaction, motivation, personal skills and confidence. The extensive and thought-provoking analysis of approaches which have successfully opened up learners’ minds and improved their resilience and tenacity make the text relevant, challenging and inspirational.

    This insightful and easy-to-read book will be of benefit to all teachers in supporting their current practice.

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