Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy

Transcripts of Transformation

By: Randal Churchill


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PublishedDecember 2008

This volume completes the Regression Hypnotherapy 2-volume set.

When utilizing hypnotic regression to help heal the effects of trauma reliving an experience is not necessarily a goal but can be a common development which can become part of the opportunity for powerful therapy.

This book explores issues and examples of working through exceptionally strong expressions of emotion.

As in Volume I (Regression Hypnotherapy), this volume combines theory with a generous series of transcripts of actual sessions with commentary, giving the reader a close-up view of a wide variety of issues and situations demonstrating the remarkable potential of this work.

Unlike common regression therapy styles that avoid or discourage emotions, working through emotional difficulties as appropriate is recognized as providing potential for deeper, more comprehensive therapy, thereby increasing the possibility for profound transformation.

With fine-tuned sensitivity and skill, The author integrates a wealth of comprehensive options for emotional clearing work in regression. Hypnotherapy, and regression in particular, can provide a safe place for the purging of repressed emotions or energy that has been internalized in damaging ways, and this can be an extremely valuable step in transformational healing.


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