Butterfly Wisdom

By: Joyce Mills


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Discover how the science and spirit of the butterfly’s development provide a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.

Learn the secrets of transformation and find out how the cycles of the seasons parallel the butterfly’s four stages of growth and our own passages to transformation.

Butterfly Wisdom contains a 38-page book that details the four passages and seasons of transformation along with guidelines for using the 32 beautifully illustrated Butterfly Wisdom Action Cards that are included in the book.

Butterfly Wisdom package includes:

32 beautifully illustrated Butterfly Wisdom Action Cards, which include two decks:

20 cards in the Passages Deck and 12 cards in the Imaginal Disc deck.

Along with these cards are 4 cards illustrating the Seasons of Transformation, 1 meditation card, and 4 instructional cards for using the Butterfly Wisdom Spreads.

The four spreads include:

Inner Balance Spread

Intuition Spread

Transformation Spread

Imaginal Disc Spread.

Butterfly Wisdom illuminates a path that will guide you beyond your limitations. Dr. Joyce Mills speaks straight from the heart to your heart. She is a magical spellbinder who touches young and old in ways that help us experience the joy of living. --Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D. CPAE Author of Dancing Healers,


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