Stories, stance and pedagogy

By: Hywel Roberts


Size: 222 x 182mm

Pages : 180 (est)

ISBN: 9781781354094

Format: Paperback

Published: May 2023

Availability: Forthcoming

A funny, engaging, rapturous read that will inspire teachers to reclaim their professional imagination and reignite the excitement they felt when they entered the teaching profession. It’s about botherednessA made-up word that everyone understands.

This is an education book that is like no other that has gone before. It won’t tell you what to do minute by minute, lesson by lesson, day by day. It won’t batter you with impenetrable research or tell you what you must think. You won’t even find a scheme of work in it – some planning ideas, for sure, even a template or two, but there’s no spoon-feeding here. It’s just a book that invites you to consider where you are in your own educational journey. It’s a book to get you bothered

Botheredness™ is a word Hywel Roberts uses to sum up the kind of authentic care and adult positioning that is real and deliberate and gets children and young people on board with learning. It is the holy grail of teaching and something that will both significantly improve your enjoyment of teaching and benefit your classes enormously. 

This book is therefore an exploration of the road less travelled, backed up with Hywel’s own experiences, reflections and research down the rabbit hole of contemporary education. It’s about the reinstatement of professional integrity, the teacher as storyteller, and the need for our professional imaginations to be nurtured and curated. Hywel sets out to help teachers enhance their understanding of what it means to lead learning and thinking, to stand beside children as well as in front of them, whilst developing their knowledge acquisition with compassion, warmth and optimism. 

Suitable for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders, as well as other education professionals.

Picture for author Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts has taught in secondary, primary and special settings for almost 30 years. He contributes to university education programmes and writes regularly for TES as the ‘travelling teacher’. A true Northerner, Hywel deals in botheredness, creative practice, curriculum development and imagineering. He was recently described as ‘a world leader in enthusiasm’ and his first book, Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally, is a favourite among teachers. Hywel is a much sought-after educational speaker and has contributed to events worldwide. He also contributes fiction to prison-based literacy reading programmes developed by The Shannon Trust and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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