Behind with the Mortgage and Living off Plastic

Charge up your life, not your credit card


Size: 195mm x 156mm

Pages: 256

ISBN: 9781904424956

Format: PaperbackAudio CD

Published: August 2005

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For women, the underlying causes of financial problems are very often nothing to do with money and everything to do with being in charge of their lives and emotions.

When a girl feels down or troubled, a bit of retail therapy can provide a temporary salve and give them a quick lift. Then, like a sugar surge, it`s back to reality as the bills pile up. Using Lynette Allen's short tips, which can be selected at random, women of any age can discover alternative and more constructive ways of getting that high and holding on to it, permanently.

Although Behind with the Mortgage and Living off Plastic does include strategies to help sort out a woman's finances, it is not so much a book about controlling funds as building up an inner bank of emotional resources to remove her need to spend, spend, spend.

Includes a CD of inspirational tips narrated by Lynette Allen.


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