Behind With The Laundry and Living off Chocolate

Life Changing Strategies for Busy Women


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PublishedDecember 2024

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Women have something different, something special. They have intuition and that's what this book is about: digging deep into hidden resources to tap into that special asset to get through all sorts of situations.

Women wanted equality and careers and got them - but it didn't mean that they could stop worrying about being multi-tasking mothers, adventurous girlfriends or thoughtful daughters. They are still the ones who have to remember birthdays, run the children to school and do the shopping - in between getting to the gym, being sexy wives and successful career-ladies.

Lynette's own inspirational story set the stage for her quest which was to overcome the back pain she suffered as a result of an accident and become a dancer. With her own brand of philosophy she overcame her acute shyness and made it on to the professional stage.

She proved it can be done and proved that situations (she doesn't call them problems) can be resolved with a little side-stepping and a different approach.

Citing many real life examples of women of all ages who she has helped to overcome their personal hurdles, Lynette Allen demonstrates how everyone can do something for themselves to alter the negative things in their lives. Her strategies are simple and involve taking achievable steps to change things one by one. She incorporates health into her suggestions as well as visualisation, tapping into the unconscious mind and harnessing inspiration to break free of the negative mould. Dealing with draining friendships or stormy family scenarios, getting to grips with money, getting on with career moves, learning to listen in order to hear what is really being said and, yes, dealing with the laundry pile on the end of the sofa, are all in there.

Plain speaking, down-to-earth and immensely practical, Lynette's menu of different issues offer women a pick-and-mix solution to a myriad of situations.

Accompanying CD narrated by Janey Lee Grace. See below for a selection of audio samples.


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