Active Learning

Increasing Flow in the Classroom

By: Patricia Hollingsworth , Gina Lewis


Size: 216mm x 279mm

Pages : 176

ISBN: 9781904424598

Format: Paperback

Published: February 2006

A key to real learning and understanding is student engagement and enjoyment. In Active Learning experienced teachers share plans for complete lessons that motivate students through active involvement in the process of learning. Ancient Greece comes alive when students dramatise historical events. Architectural styles translated into movement, sound, and body shapes are easy to remember. Student-created board games make reviewing maths facts fun. This book will assist teacher planning, improve lesson quality, and illuminate your approach to teaching. Measurable objectives, step-by-step procedures, optional teacher scripts, student handouts, evaluation tools, and enrichment activities provide structure for lessons to use in maths, languages, social studies and art.

Students are actively learning when they are intensely engaged, mentally or physically. Active learning is vigorous, lively, energetic, intense, strong, and effective. Active learning is involved learning: it takes place when the learners are excited, involved, mentally alert, and caught up in the experience.

Picture for author Patricia Hollingsworth

Patricia Hollingsworth

Pat Hollingsworth is the director of University School at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. In addition to her duties as director, she teaches art, kindergarten, and university graduate classes. She is a board member of the National Association for Gifted Children; coauthor of Smart Art and Kinetic Kaleidoscope; and editor, illustrator, and coauthor of the SAILS (Students Active Interdisciplinary Learning Series) curriculum kit.

Picture for author Gina Lewis

Gina Lewis

Gina Lewis is the third grade teacher at University School at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. She is a board member of the Oklahoma Association for Gifted and Creative Teachers and a coauthor of the SAILS curriculum kit.


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