7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence

By: Rudy Vandamme , Denis Bridoux , Patrick E Merlevede


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PublishedMarch 2000

7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence reveals the structure behind Emotional Intelligence (EI), utilising its unique framework to combine EI and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This model-based guide, packed with powerful exercises and self-assessment techniques, enables you to design your own Emotional Quotient (EQ) improvement system and participate in an intensive EQ excellence course that draws on the self-programming practices of NLP.

A functionally-formatted guide to improving your EQ, this book serves as a textbook of EI theory, a manual of NLP techniques, and a workbook to systematically lead you through the process of dynamic EQ improvement.

Picture for author Rudy Vandamme

Rudy Vandamme

Rudy Vandamme is a trainer and coach. He runs his own institute.

Picture for author Denis Bridoux

Denis Bridoux

Denis Bridoux runs NLP and Neuro-semantics courses with applications to coaching and mentoring in France and the UK. He practices life and executive coaching.

Picture for author Patrick E Merlevede

Patrick E Merlevede

Patrick Merlevede is an internationally recognised specialist in the areas of talent management and emotional intelligence. Based on his own experience in these fields, he founded jobEQ.com, a cloud based service providing tools for assessing work attitude & motivation, values & organizational cultures and competencies. At the time of writing, jobEQ's tools were available in 18 languages and were being used by consultants, trainers and coaches in over 30 countries.

As trainer, modeller and author he was the first to make the link between Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and emotional intelligence. The result of the integration of these 2 fields has been written down in 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence (2001).

Mastering Mentoring & Coaching with Emotional Intelligence (2004) focuses on upgrading mentoring and coaching approaches with concepts from NLP, emotional intelligence as well as the tools developed by jobEQ.

More recently he contributed a chapter to Innovations in NLP for Challenging Times (2011), outlining jobEQ's framework.

In 2014 he wrote Talent Management: A Focus on Excellence - Managing Human Resources in a Knowledge Economy. This book is based on the experience of jobEQ's customers, covering applications such as recruiting & assessment, training & coaching, team building & leadership and changing organizational cultures (see http://bit.ly/TMbookjobEQ).

Patrick continues to consult organizations in these areas, and coaches an international network of consultants and trainers who use the jobEQ principles and tools. He can be contacted through www.jobEQ.com

For more information, see the professional profile on LinkedIn.


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