365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm...

A Year's Worth of Class Thinking

By: Sparky Teaching


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PublishedJune 2014

365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm… provides an opportunity a day to develop skills like creative thinking, a sense of wonder, logic and decision-making. The book offers teachers ways to provoke thought and start discussion – something schemes of work don’t always allow time for. As the curriculum becomes increasingly content-heavy, it is important to make the time to develop thinking skills; the Hmmms are in turn philosophical, challenging, meta-cognitive, provocative, irreverent and brain-stretching. Use the Hmmms to take your class on a ‘controlled tangent’ and revel in the joys of questioning, as a five minute activity, or as the starting point for a whole lesson. Complete with a Hmmm-dex to guide you to specific topics such as literacy and numeracy skills, big topics or problem solving, there is a Hmmm for every lesson and for all age groups, primary and secondary. Get thinking and make your classroom sparky! Topics include:

• creative thinking
• mathematical thinking
• problem-solving
• critical thinking
• personal / inter-personal skills
• a sense of wonder / curiosity about the world.

For use by primary and secondary teachers, parents and children.

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Sparky Teaching

Sparky Teaching was launched to help teachers create classrooms where ordinary things are thought about in less than ordinary ways. With a background in primary teaching and speech and language therapy, their goal is to ignite creative thought in teachers and pupils by providing unique teaching resources.


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